With WWF and MARSU, I Say NO to Illegal Timber

Do you know that 14% of French imports of raw and semi-processed wood come from tropical countries? 40% of these imports would be illegal and France is the largest importer of African wood!

Because 50% of the world’s forest has disappeared since the last glaciation! Because 200,000 hectares of tropical forests (nearly 23,000 football fields!) Are destroyed every week! Because a large part of these forests is exploited illegally:

It is urgent to act with the campaign:
“I say no to illegal timber! When buying wood, make the right choice! “.

Deforestation is a disaster for the populations of these countries: it deprives them of food sources (meat, fruits, seeds…). It is also a disaster for animals: the destruction of their forest leads to their gradual disappearance. In addition, the opening of roads through the forest promotes poaching.

How to fight against deforestation?

By buying wood bearing the FSC label which guarantees the traceability of wood. “Traceability” is a method that tracks the path from its original forest to its distribution in the store, which ensures that the wood does not come from illegal or illegal slaughter.

The legality of a timber is established through this chain of custody and the many mandatory documents that accompany it.

For sustainable forest management

Ask your parents to buy priority products (for example garden furniture) bearing the FSC label! This label guarantees that the wood has been cut according to “sustainable management” methods, going beyond legality. Sustainable management guarantees the mode of exploitation, its environmental impacts (opening of roads and tracks, threats to habitats, soil, unthinking felling, etc.) and respect for the rights of local populations.

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